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Please Note: Diabetes Supply Co.com has never made an outbound marketing call in our existence, nor have we ever worked with a telemarketing firm.

Please do not contact us about phone solicitation, as we have no relationship with the company making the calls, nor do we know who they are. Quite simply put, we have a website domain name similar to the name used in the phone script, so we get THEIR email...

We do strongly hope that someone tracks down that other company and takes them to court. They need to be shut down.

For matters not related to abusive phone calls that we had nothing to do with, the Diabetes Supply Co Support Team can be reached at:

support [at] diabetessupplyco.com

(replace "[at]" with "@").

If your question is related to an order you have placed, please provide your relevant details in your email, so our Support Team can get you the help you need.

If you have been contacted, but believe your information may have been submitted to us without your knowledge or permission, please let us know as many details as you can. We take this sort of situation very seriously. Some of the details that can help us investigate are:
  • When were you contacted and whom did you speak with? Do you remember the name of the company they gave?
  • Do you believe someone may have completed our inquiry form other than you, or someone you know? If so, any ideas who it may been?
  • Have you filled out any other online (or offline) forms in recent months? If so, can you recall where and for what purpose?
  • May we contact you as part of our investigation?
For all other inquiries, please provide as much information as you can and be clear with your questions. The more details we have, the faster we can resolve your questions.

Best regards,

Diabetes Supply Co Support
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